Happy Today Luvas!

It's a pleasure to greet you. I'm Camielle Joy, a licensed professional counselor, better know as The LoveCrafter  and your premier relationship coach. If you don't have much time on your hands, here's the quick and clean.

My Coaching Philosophy

1. Authenticity reveals the fingerprint of the soul,

2. Freedom is priceless; and

3. When you know love, you have no limits.


In essence, I help lovers dismantle what they believe to be broken and help them re-member their world to create a life by design. We work together to disqualify people, places, and practices that pose as barriers to our joy. By being choosy we identify what needs to be held on to or let go of for a breakthrough. 



After serving as a therapist counseling folx recovering from all types of situations for the past ten years, I noticed that the clients who were most positively impacted by our time together benefited from not only my therapeutic modalities, but my coaching strategies as well.  


While I am elated to have witnessed the growth in so many lovers in the Midwest over the years, I recognize that there are folx who would love to embark upon this deeply transformational work that live beyond my proverbial backyard. To meet my own evolving desires to be an ever expanding expression of black love and the requests of luvas all over the country, Cococure Coaching & Retreats was birthed. And boy am I glad to make this transition. Crafting Cococure is the gift that keeps on giving to both me and my clients.

Quick question. When was the last time you squeeled was we age, we somehow we manage to strip away the most joyous, fulfilling, playful bits and pieces of our lives leaving behind the weight from all the responsibilities. First off, I just want to say, tha HELL??? Secondly, I say FAWX THAT!! 


Going back to what I know for sure, there are ways of being I am fully committed to experiencing and have served the lovers I've worked with well. Holding the stories of my previous clients in my heart, I imagined a luxurious space containing my best practices where transformation is no longer married to trauma and feeling bad.


So often, I see lovers circling around the past uncovering one trauma after another setting up present day "trigger landmines" at the same time without a clear purpose or plan. Working with me means the past is only brought present as a means to clarify to path forward or experience joy.


It is time to associate your growth and healing with joy and delight. Together we will work together on a plan that will help bring your life in alignment with you greatest joys and desires! 

Its time to grow with all your heart!